Travel, Paris, and Blogging

Once I move to France, many of my posts will be focused on the food, fashion, art, and all other aspects of Parisian culture. At least I presume. And to warm you up, I've given you some urls for my favorite blogs about Paris, travel, cultural immersions, etc. If nothing else, explore these sights for the photos incroyable!

Well Traveled Couple: a couple traveling around Europe, making being adventurous look much too easy

De quelle plan├Ęte es-tu? Come on, her site title is inspired by le petit prince, what's not to aime?

Paris in Four Months: A cute American lady that moved to Paris to pursue a dream, and to help you realize yours

Savoir Faire Paris: This is where I go almost daily to learn about how to behave/what to expect/where to go/how to avoid being a social outcast/how to blend, etc. Too many slashes? Oui, je pense aussi.

Also, I've been reading this book. It's about a woman that moved to France and married a Frenchman. Not the best or most accredited book I've read of late, but it's kind of adorable and really fun. Not to mention, there are recipes posted at the end of each chapter. Typically I'm a really slow reader but I'm flying through this baby. I bought it yesterday evening and I'm almost done, and I worked from 8- 4:30 today. Okay fine, by work I mean mumble direction at two tiny humans as I read and ate almonds all day. But I'm pretty sure they're too young to remember this or to articulate it to their parents. So, you know, no worries.

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