Shake your booties

One of my friends texted me today and asked me what I was doing. I responded, "I'm making a collage of booties on the internet." She replied: "Collage of booties??? Um, what???" I decided not to clarify, especially because to her I'm probably a little more intriguing as a person now.

Below is the collage. I am a massive fan of boots of all kinds. In high school I had this one pair of boots that practically defined me. Since college, I've been rocking a lot of riding boots, not to mention the classic Clarks desert boot. Here's the thing though: the desert boot is gender neutral. Don't get me wrong, I am 100% supportive of gender neutrality in general, especially in clothing, but this is a special case. I've run into people wearing desert boots on multiple occassions. They have all been different individuals, but the same person. That person is a male student or young humanities worker living in a cheap apartment with six roommates.

A few months back I was in safeway in the self checkout line when the guy behind me said "Nice shoes." I smiled and looked down. He was wearing desert boots, too. He was in his early 20s and okay, kind of cute. Then I said something like "yeah, they're great, I wear them almost every day..." And here's what this guy says to me: "I love them because it's so easy to sneak up on people in them! They're so quiet!" Later that day I experimented and realized that 007 should have been wearing Clarks throughout his entire career.

Despite that encounter being one of the best I've ever had with a stranger, I was forced to ask myself a question: do I want to be the girl that's style is most similar to 23 year old journalist who still utilizes the element of surprise to scare his idiot friends?

After some contemplation, I decided it was time to upgrade my booties. I love the blue Lucky pair, maybe because they remind me of desert boots. My other favorites are the Madewells and Seychelles.

Shake your booties

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  1. I have some booties that I got from Asos that I absolutely adore.
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