Mix and Match

For those of you who don't know, I will be moving to Paris in about a month (!!!). I'll live there (as a student) for nine whole months. There will be plenty more posts on paris preparation, but today I am exploring ideas I have about what I will bring/pack. Never in my life have I packed for a trip successfully. By that I mean, never have I worn everything I packed or been completely satisfied with the items in my suitcase.

I am hoping that this trip I can change that. I've been making lists, scouring stores, and I've been shopping constantly (I know, I know, it's a rough life). One of the things that I've decided is that I need to pack clothes that can be easily mixed and matched. Classic cuts, similar color schemes, a many traditional pieces (less trendy).

Mix and Match

The inspiration for this outfit is the adorable skirt. It's a piece I can see myself wearing over and over again with different looks. In fact, I should have included a boot in this collage... Point is, I chose all of these items because I think they go well with the skirt, and they would all fit into my wardrobe ceaselessly (with jeans, trousers, boots, etc).

I hope you like these pieces, let me know if you have any packing tips for long trips!

J.Crew colorblock t shirt / Ter Et Bantine crop shirt / Monki , $33 / Topshop / Kate Spade flat shoes / Ancient Greek Sandals flat shoes / Jeffrey Campbell zipper sandals / Prada bag / Kate Spade / Paper crown / By Malene Birger circle scarf, $165

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