Links, Baby, Links!

It's Friday. I've been up since seven but have barely gotten anything done. I am tired and hungry and cold and as I type I realize it's way past time to clean my computer. I feel ridiculous when I say that I still haven't gotten those cool posts together that I promised you on Tuesday. It's just one of those days. Or maybe I'm just one of those people.

No worries though, because below are fabulous links and outside the sun is shining and my best friend in the world arrived home last night and I am starting to feel productive. Okay, the last part was a lie, but overall things are looking up.

As always, thanks for reading. And I promise, I'm always working on making it a little better here at Une Splendid Vie.

A voguestagram of the iconic Ms. Wintour herself. Check out some more here 

  • Fancy crocs and sweatpants? Maybe I understand the idea behind these but um, no. 
  • Ever been fired? It's okay, really. You're not alone. Here's a list of 8 successful women who were once fired. 
  • My personal beauty preference is light but defined eyes, cranberry-stained lips and glowy skin, so thanks Teen Vogue for helping out with the last one! 
  • And regular Vogue provides a delicious summer dessert  recipe centering around my favorite fruit- peaches! It has no refined sugar and I plan on trying to veganize it. I'll keep you updated. 
  • Marie Claire is predicting that the monochromatic look will trend this fall. What do you think? I'm more of a how many colors/patterns can I fit into one day type of girl, but I could deal with some blue on blue. 

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