Links, baby, Links!

With every weekend comes a little more excitement and a little more anxiety. It's less than a month now until I move to France and I'm just so overwhelmed by that. There's still so much to think about and so much that I have to do. My dear uncle bought me some great new luggage that made this whole trip into a reality. I still have a few weeks at home and I'm going to soak them up until it's time to embrace my new adventure. Which I will, happily.

  • Summer sure as hell isn't over, and I will continue to bask in summer reading lists by Vogue (and others) until it is, and probably after that, too
  • I don't eat cheese, but if you do then you need to go make this goat cheese and fig crostini now. No seriously, now. Also from The Glitter Guide, a list of grown up school supplies. Because as a complete nerd, back to school shopping has always been one of my favorites and it may just be one of yours, too
  • Glamour's take on fall trends. Classic prints and emerald green? Couldn't have painted a better wardrobe myself
  • A tumblr that will keep you occupied for hours. Because it's all real cute, honeypie, guarenteed
  • I may have posted this recipe before. If not, go check it out please. These are so, so good. I usually melt a dark chocolate bar and spread it on top before refrigerating. Because what goes together better than dark chocolate and almond butter? Only beautiful Jackie O and her iconic glasses. 

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