Fall Staple: The Army Jacket

Fall is my favorite season when it comes to clothes. Navy and burgundy are my favorite colors,  tall boots my favorite accessory. Fall is my season, style wise. Then comes winter, and then maybe spring. To be honest, I'm not really a summer girl.

If you live a life like mine that is not too fancy and not too glamorous, the army jacket is your friend. It's cute, casual, warm and really versatile. A typical day in the life of moi includes class, herbal tea, sometimes the gym, and usually homemade dinner. On those typical days, this jacket is perfect.

I've included jackets at various price points below, and the first two are my favorites. Let me know what your fall wardrobe staples are :)

The Army Jacket

Burberry double breasted coat / rag & bone/KNIT olive green jacket / Velvet military style jacket / Topshop parka jacket / Parka coat / H&M green parka, $47


  1. Oh I have one from H&M that I got earlier this year that I just adore! These are cute too, though and it's making me wonder if I can justify another one.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  2. In my opinion you can always justify another one :)