5 things

Today I want to talk to you about five things that I believe every girl should have. And this is just my list, so maybe you have different ideas of what's necessary for you.But in my mind, these are five things (both literal and not) that characterize a wonderful human.

1. A go to restaurant. Mine as of late is The plant. As a mostly gluten-free vegan, it's kind of perfect. I can't get enough of their hazelnut chocolate cake or sambazon bowl.

2. A great pair of glasses- sun or prescription, it don't matta. Right now, mine are these and these. I'm a sucker for the classics, I suppose.

3. Favorite cookie. Everyone needs a favorite cookie. Mine are chocolate chip. Boring, right. Boring yet delicious. This recipe by my favorite food blogger, oh, ladycakes is amazing. The dough might be better than the actual cookies though.

4. A dream destination. I'm leaving for mine in about three weeks, but the next on my list are Australia and the Seychelles (pictured above).

5. A song that makes you forget there are other humans present and dance. Try Brown Eyed GirlYou Can Call me Al, or anything circa 1998.

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