The 70's done Chic

If you know me, then you know I dress kind of like a hippie sometimes. And I love it. I adore these types of accoutrements: fringe, comfortable, roomy clothes, high wasted slouchy pants, whimsical blouses made of cotton, floral headbands across the forehead. If you weren't a fan of 70's attire before, you must be after that persuasive list. I've compiled some pieces that I think would be great separate and even more stylish together.

Have a great Thursday! xx


I wish...

Lately I have been busy doing work that is exhausting and really just not that fun. I've been boggled down with writing papers and a nannying job, two things that I definitely don't hate doing but can really make my days long and dreary.

I think that we all have days where we wish we were doing something else and wearing something else, I know I certainly do. Because of this, I'm starting a series entitled I wish, in which I'll tell you what I wish I was wearing and what I wish I was doing.

I wish I had on:
I wish 1

H&M button collar shirt, $31 / RED Valentino / Converse canvas shoes, $69 / Givenchy purse / Kate Spade magnet jewelry / Cat ring, $4.60 / J.Crew j crew glasses / Juicy Couture / Pink lipstick

a causal and cute outfit that is comfortable while remaining classic and chic. Is that cat ring not the cutest piece of jewelry?

And I wish I was at:
 via google

the Ferry Building in San Francisco. There are cute shops, delicious restaurants and a farmer's market!

Links, baby, Links!

Here are a few links that I thought were worthy to share:

  • Weird ways to eat avocado. Personally, I'd try all of them, especially the pancakes! 
  • Vogue teaching us how to make our hair look elegant in a knot.
  • The coolest watch on etsy. So hip, so chic. I think I need it. 
  • I picked out new glasses today! What do you think?  They should arrive in a week or so.
  • I'm watching the Bachelorette right now (complete guilty pleasure). Here's an article about the psychology of it. It's really interesting but, you know, I'm still watching the show...
  • I've been obsessed with making this coconut whipped cream and eating it nightly! On berries, as a dipping sauce for cookies, with a spoon... you know. 


You know those people you see walking completely casually while looking way too gorgeous for a Monday morning? I know you know who I'm talking about. We all see them all the time. If you're at a coffee shop now I guarantee there's one in there. Heck, you're probably one of them. 

Point is, they look so very put together. As someone who isn't, you know, put together, I have been on the hunt for something to create the illusion that I am. And finally, I found it- it's this magical little jacket that (you guessed it) is called a blazer! And okay fine, maybe I'm a little behind on the trend, but better late than never, right? 


J.Crew stripe blazer / Chloé lightweight blazer / Suede jacket, $655 / Cowboy jacket, $62 / L.K.Bennett l k bennett, $270 / Boyfriend jacket


It's on Sale! Joie

I received an email from Joie today telling me that they had some great stuff on sale. So I headed on over to their site to explore and I was (as usual, when it comes to this brand) absolutely delighted. Below are a few of my favorite picks for you, all of which might help your wardrobe transition to fall. Except for maybe that dress, that's a super summery dress. 

P.S. I was so excited about these products that I couldn't help but use an abundance of explanation points, please forgive me. 

You Might Just Want to Read...

It's next on my list and maybe it should be next on yours, too. The narration is insanely insightful/original/beautiful and the storyline is bound to be wonderful. I've read The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, also by Diaz, and it is my favorite book to date. 


The best of summer, before it's too late

Summer, it flies by. I don't know why that is for me, because I certainly don't do anything that productive. Nonetheless, I think it's an important season to savor before the leaves start falling. Here are a few photos and ideas to help you live sumerfully. Or to live by lame puns. xo

Cucumber Mint Slushies, photo and recipe via a house in the hills

Horseback Ride, perhaps?

If you can't go to Paris this summer, at least you can dream about it?

Check out this article describing the 50 Best Beaches. The above is in Italy, but don't worry, there is one in Oregon on the list, too. 

Some Summer jewelry, perhaps?


The Appeal of Effortless Hair

In the interest of full disclosure, it takes a lot of effort to make my hair look like any of these photos. But what can I say? These girls make it look too easy.


Une Splendid Style

Amber Heard is iconic. I would argue that she is one of the most stylish celebrities. period. Her look is so clean and classic while remaining original. Also, she's dating Johnny Depp. I don't know if that makes me like her more or less. Nonetheless, here are a few of my favorite (casual) looks of hers, all of which I'm very envious of.

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