Apartment Inspiration

As I prepare to head to France, I am starting to think more and more about ways to make myself feel at home in a completely foreign country. It's stressful! One thing I came up with is to make my (tiny, tiny) apartment into a space that I love and feel at home in. To me, going home to a place that I love and feels like me is key. 

I am traditionally drawn to more colorful and bright prints over neutrals, but in order to keep from creating an overwhelming space I like to start with neutrals as a base. Here are a few pieces that I could definitely see having in my apartment in Paris. 

Apartment Inspiration

Cotton bedding / Pottery Barn industrial lighting / Pottery Barn jewelry box / Duvet cover / Linea ginger jar, $23 / Lace curtain


Hot Air Ballooning

Last week my dear Uncle took me on a hot air balloon ride through the wine country. It was really, truly amazing. Since we left before sunrise we got to witness it in the air. I'll always remember this day with incredible fondness and love. And really, what else can you ask for on a Tuesday? 

Me and my Uncle

It was such a beautiful day and truly one of the best of my life


Fall Staple: The Army Jacket

Fall is my favorite season when it comes to clothes. Navy and burgundy are my favorite colors,  tall boots my favorite accessory. Fall is my season, style wise. Then comes winter, and then maybe spring. To be honest, I'm not really a summer girl.

If you live a life like mine that is not too fancy and not too glamorous, the army jacket is your friend. It's cute, casual, warm and really versatile. A typical day in the life of moi includes class, herbal tea, sometimes the gym, and usually homemade dinner. On those typical days, this jacket is perfect.

I've included jackets at various price points below, and the first two are my favorites. Let me know what your fall wardrobe staples are :)

The Army Jacket

Burberry double breasted coat / rag & bone/KNIT olive green jacket / Velvet military style jacket / Topshop parka jacket / Parka coat / H&M green parka, $47


Links, Baby, Links!

It's Friday. I've been up since seven but have barely gotten anything done. I am tired and hungry and cold and as I type I realize it's way past time to clean my computer. I feel ridiculous when I say that I still haven't gotten those cool posts together that I promised you on Tuesday. It's just one of those days. Or maybe I'm just one of those people.

No worries though, because below are fabulous links and outside the sun is shining and my best friend in the world arrived home last night and I am starting to feel productive. Okay, the last part was a lie, but overall things are looking up.

As always, thanks for reading. And I promise, I'm always working on making it a little better here at Une Splendid Vie.

A voguestagram of the iconic Ms. Wintour herself. Check out some more here 

  • Fancy crocs and sweatpants? Maybe I understand the idea behind these but um, no. 
  • Ever been fired? It's okay, really. You're not alone. Here's a list of 8 successful women who were once fired. 
  • My personal beauty preference is light but defined eyes, cranberry-stained lips and glowy skin, so thanks Teen Vogue for helping out with the last one! 
  • And regular Vogue provides a delicious summer dessert  recipe centering around my favorite fruit- peaches! It has no refined sugar and I plan on trying to veganize it. I'll keep you updated. 
  • Marie Claire is predicting that the monochromatic look will trend this fall. What do you think? I'm more of a how many colors/patterns can I fit into one day type of girl, but I could deal with some blue on blue. 


5 things

Today I want to talk to you about five things that I believe every girl should have. And this is just my list, so maybe you have different ideas of what's necessary for you.But in my mind, these are five things (both literal and not) that characterize a wonderful human.

1. A go to restaurant. Mine as of late is The plant. As a mostly gluten-free vegan, it's kind of perfect. I can't get enough of their hazelnut chocolate cake or sambazon bowl.

2. A great pair of glasses- sun or prescription, it don't matta. Right now, mine are these and these. I'm a sucker for the classics, I suppose.

3. Favorite cookie. Everyone needs a favorite cookie. Mine are chocolate chip. Boring, right. Boring yet delicious. This recipe by my favorite food blogger, oh, ladycakes is amazing. The dough might be better than the actual cookies though.

4. A dream destination. I'm leaving for mine in about three weeks, but the next on my list are Australia and the Seychelles (pictured above).

5. A song that makes you forget there are other humans present and dance. Try Brown Eyed GirlYou Can Call me Al, or anything circa 1998.


Je ne sais quoi

Some ladies just master that je ne sais quoi look. It's a personal favorite of mine. Probably because it gives me hope that one day I'll be able to not brush my hair and forget to do my makeup and still look like this...

And of course, lovely Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere and her messy bun


In my dreams

Hello All!

I am so sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was away in Tahoe all weekend without my computer and I went straight to the French Consulate to get my visa when I returned. Time got away from me, but I promise I'll do my best to remain consistent and post on weekdays. 

There are so many cool things that I want to post about so tomorrow I will (hopefully) take a few hours to construct some really great blog posts about riveting things. No no, that was a joke, nothing riveting happens in my life. 

For your Tuesday I made a collage of things that I really, really, really want. But can't afford, or just shouldn't buy because I have no money and instead have a massive trip planned in less than a month. Really though, I need to stop shopping. Damn it, why am I torturing myself with Nikons and Burberry trenches? This whole collage was probably a bad idea. But I mean, check out that watch... too adorable. I'm going to go buy it now.

In my dreams

Sea, New York shirts blouse, $415 / Burberry coat / Rag & Bone mid rise boyfriend jeans / Joie floral trousers, $445 / Lucky Brand flat shoes / Coach vintage handbag / Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet / Kate Spade bracelet / Tiffany & Co. tortoise glasses, $425